Hi Everyone! Im Natalie from NH with a camaro for sale

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Hi Everyone! Im Natalie from NH with a camaro for sale

Postby ProjectCarsNH » Sat Jun 29, 2013 12:47 pm

Hi everyone! I am a gear head chick from NH who has an 89 Chevy Camaro RS T-Tops 305 V8 with TBI (throttle body injection) selling as a PROJECT CAR or PARTS CAR!!
THIS IS A MUST SEE IF YOUR LOOKING TO SCORE SOME CHEVY CAMARO PARTS!!! Was hit in the front end on the driver side. this car spent most of its life sitting. mileage reads 49179.8
Car was repainted 4-5 years ago with base coat clear coat with a factory GM color using DuPont Chroma Base.
TONS OF NEW PARTS including Brand new flow master muffler, intermediate pipe and dual chrome tail pipes less than a week old before it was hit, Motor & automatic Transmission runs great & rear axle ,T-tops and rear hatch are all in great shape as well! Replaced heater blower motor, steering column, just had a tune up including new plugs, wires, thermostat, fuel filter, radiator hoses, heater core hose, ball joints, had a front end alignment, 2 New Tires in the front (only is 1 Still good), Pumps, pulleys, belts, battery and many other parts have been replaced!!! was just inspected the week before it was hit on 5/24/13 The car is located in Manchester NH/ Hooksett New Hampshire area. This vehicle was loved and taken care of and was in great shape it will be sorely missed!!
*******Car Needs to be towed away because Driver side steering knuckle & flat tire makes vehicle not drive-able!!

Pictures taken 6/27/13 of the damage available at....
http://s1050.photobucket.com/user/OurVa ... 20V8%20TPI
Password for photobucket album is "89CamaroRS"

******* this car runs but is NOT drive-able!!!!!***********
SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY!! asking $1000.

craigslist ad link

Thank you for your time! speed safe everyone!
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Re: Hi Everyone! Im Natalie from NH with a camaro for sale

Postby wolfdart42 » Sat Jun 29, 2013 2:50 pm

Why don't you fix it?
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Re: Hi Everyone! Im Natalie from NH with a camaro for sale

Postby Brother Al » Sat Jun 29, 2013 3:57 pm

Sad to see Natalie... she looks like a damn nice car otherwise.
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Re: Hi Everyone! Im Natalie from NH with a camaro for sale

Postby tom86iroc » Tue Jul 02, 2013 4:38 pm

WOW cheap car and looks like an easy fix just body parts BRIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lmao:
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