We need YOUR help!!

List planned Club events, and anything else of possible interest, such as car shows, or swap meets

We need YOUR help!!

Postby Jay » Fri Apr 25, 2008 10:57 pm

Ok guys and gals. I personally am trying to include as many events of possible interest on here and our calendar page.
I'm also looking into planning of several smaller get togethers like we did tonight at the show in Vernon CT. Problem is since I am from Eastern CT I know the area and some of the shows around.
So, this is where the members come in.
If you live in another state or another part of CT, please feel free to post up any info you have about possible cars shows or cruises in your local area. While we encourage as many members to participate as possible, it's also a lot easier to go to something that is closer to home.
I'm up for making a trip out to a good show if someone else wants to try and organize a little meet up, so post up any info about shows you would like to see us get together for.
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